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The following are a list of events supported by All Abilities Mackay.


Event #1011  - 8 Limb Yoga Fundraisers (Book Sales)  

WHAT:  Sue Deakin (owner of 8 Limb Yoga) is a co author in a book called Heart to Heart which should be released in January 2015. They have purchased 200 books which we will donate all proceeds to All Abilities Mackay.   Each book should retail for around $23.00 we hope to raise over $4,000. WHEN: January 2015 onwards - until further notice WHO: 8 Limb Yoga MORE INFO:  Visit their website for more info or to secure your copy:
***UPDATE:   $3585 donated 29/6/15 from 150 book sales.   100 books left to sell, so grab your copy from 8 Limb Yoga on the above web address or the Corner of Sydney and Shakespeare Street. 


Event # 1006 - Create Change for Jayden

WHAT: Donation boxes around town.  Only clear Perspex lockable donation boxes have been approved. If you have seen a suspect donation tin/box anywhere, please contact  Bec 0447595173

WHEN: Until further notice 


Event # 1028 - Raising for Raymond

WHAT:  Raising money for little local boy Raymond's therapy needs. Raymond has Cerebral Palsy and has been attending therapy provided by the state. After seeing vast improvements in abilities of other children of similar ability, his parents have booked him in to attend intensive therapy at the OT Clinic in August 2016. We need to raise $5,000 to get him there. Fundraising is approved occur in Mackay, Sarina, Warwick, Killarney & Ipswich.
WHEN: From October 2015
WHO: Organiser Heidi 0438641328


Event #1024  - Care Kitchen - Fundraiser Stalls

WHAT:  Regular slice & cake stall - Paxton's Night Markets
WHEN: Second Friday of each month
WHERE:  Paxton's Night Markets - on the Riverfront
WHO: Liz Preston (and the Care Kitchen Parent Committee)
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Money raised from this stall suppliments the student's fees for Care Kitchen - Cooking School. This Cooking School is for 6 participants who have Intellectual Impairments to learn skills necessary in a Commercial Grade learning environment.  

Event #1032  - Powerball Fundraiser

WHAT:  Raising money for Raymond, Numbers from 1-40.  Buy a number for $20.  First Powerball number to come out for four weeks wins $100.
WHEN: Starts - 01/12/2016
WHERE:  Mackay, Killarney, Warwick, Ipswich, Port MacQuarie
WHO:  Organiser is Heidi  0438641328 




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