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This award started in 2014, in memory of Mally, as he was known to family and friends. He was widely known and loved by many in Mackay, Mirani and through the Pioneer Valley. A character whom possessed many traits we seek to encourage in our members.  


This award is to celebrate the achievements of people who are local to Mackay, and surrounding districts. Anyone over the age of 18 who has an intellectual impairment is encouraged to enter. The award is based on personal achievement and personal growth, so we will be looking for a local who has stepped outside of their comfort zone to achieve something that is significant to them in the past 12 months. It’s relative to each person’s abilities, and we will take this into consideration.


To register your entry, simply download the Nomination Form here, fill in the appropriate details and email your submission to Entries close on the 31 October annually. 


We have a panel of impartial locals who have a special interest or involvement with people with disabilities, who will understand how significant achievements can be to individuals.  This panel will discuss all entries and choose the winner based on each applications own merit.  


The main perpetual award will remain the property of All Abilities Mackay. The individual will be presented with their own engraved trophy award which will remain theirs to keep.


Nominee’s entry will appear on All Abilities Mackay Public website and facebook page, promoting the achievements of all entrants. The nominator is expressly requested to seek permission of the nominee (and/or their family). While this is not a popularity completion, it is anticipated that this will boost the confidence of all participants by seeing words of encouragement from the general public. This page is moderated, and only encouraging external content from the general public is accepted. The winning entry (and possibly the first and second runner up) may be displayed on our website (at our discretion) along with the photo submitted with this application. The judge’s decision is final, and no further communication will be entered into. Info on the winner, including photo and a spiel may remain with the perpetual trophy to be displayed at a local location. By entering this competition, the nominator agrees to all conditions.


All Abilities Mackay’s vision is to ensure our members are given the opportunity to realise their dreams and recognise their potential. We are aware that we have many individuals who try extremely hard on a daily basis, and this award is to encourage our members to always to be the best that they can be. This award is to recognise an individual’s achievement in the past 12 months, and we encourage your submission. 


Mally was the second son of Matty and Harold Bradshaw. He was born in 1952. He was born without a thyroid gland. In those days this condition was not tested following birth. As a consequence, Malcolm was left with a mild intellectual impairment. These days babies are tested immediately after birth and given treatment for this condition.

The doctors painted a bleak outcome: they said that Malcolm would never talk, or function independently. But we knew that Malcolm was capable of much more. He proved to us that he could drive a car and tractor and ride a motorbike.  And could he work! He worked beside the best of us. First carting cane, and then he had a career change, and worked for the Endeavour Foundation. This is where he achieved his goals and found his niche. The people at The Endeavour Foundation understood Mally and his unique gifts.

Mally loved his job at The Endeavour Foundation. He often brought home certificates that acknowledged his accomplishments. He was a star employee. The Endeavour Foundation has been a wonderful support to Malcolm and we thank them dearly.

After Mally’s mother, Matty, died 8 years ago, he looked after his father Guck for three years. Mally was so strong and patient throughout this tough time. Guck passed away 3 years later. Mally was a bachelor for a while, until his friend Alan Wheeler moved in. This is when Mally became domesticated!

 A highlight of Mally’s life was his trips to Brisbane to work and hang out with his mate Ian. Mally would put his motorbike on the train the day before he flew down. Mally stayed with Ian for up to 6 weeks, working at Ian’s plywood business and sampling the city life. Mally absolutely loved these trips. Ian treated him so well and cherished his company. Mally would come home beaming. These trips gave him so much confidence and joy.   

Mally and his older brother, Jeffrey, had a strong relationship. They checked each other’s back. Jeffrey would scold Mally from time to time and Mally would say to his brother “grow a little patience, Jeffrey.”  Both brothers were as deaf as posts. Malcolm seemed to think that Jeffrey was deafer than him and he would shake his head and say “Jeez, he’s deaf.” They saw each other everyday of their lives. They had so much love for each other and shared a sacred bond. 

Another amazing quality of Mally's was his strength. He was as strong as an OX. He could lift, carry and hold more than four men put together. He could beat any man in a wrestle. He also had an extremely high pain threshold and guts of steel. And he never over-reacted. Nothing was a catastrophe. He took everything in his stride. He was an even keel.

Mally's motorbike was his pride and joy. He rode everywhere, rain, hail or shine. His new Kawasaki was his baby. All of the valley residents and many Mackay residents knew who Mally was.

One of the most special things about Mally, was that he was a friend to everybody, and he was everybody’s friend. He would say Hello and have a chat to everybody he recognised, and he never forgot your face. In his world enemies did not exist, only foes and mates. His Universe was a happy place. We thank you for this lesson in life.

Mally always gave his neice Deidre a hug and asked her about her day.  Mally picked us up when we were down and taught us about patience. His love was unconditional. He never had bad or perfect days, he always had good days. He was forever happy. He had such a gentle soul and a heart of gold.

And this is how we will remember you Mally. You were an inspiration.

 - Malcolm’s neices, Deidre and Sheree, daughters of his older brother, Jeffrey.