All Abilities Mackay

PODD Communication Course - 10 and 11 November 2014


What is PODD??  Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display communication books - Is a picture based way of communicating with children/people who have no verbal or sign communication skills.  It's also a very helpful tool in supporting communication for those who are not quite confident in vocalising/sign.

We are currently negotiating with PODD Presenter Gayle Porter to travel to Mackay to hold a 2 day workshop for parents/teachers/therapists/related professionals who may wish to learn the PODD system.

Our organisation approached families around July 2013 to see if there was any interest in us seeking funding to hold a workshop in Mackay.  Previously, families, teachers or therapists would have to travel interstate to attend workshops, putting additional financial strain on families by having to cover travel, accommodation and to have someone care for their loved one.  Often with differing family dynamics it was not possible to arrange an alternative carer, which means both parents were rarely able to attend at the same time.

It took nearly 12 months and plenty of rejected funding grant applications to finally get to the point of being able to arrange firm dates.  We were extremely grateful to the Mackay Foundation who handed over a donation of $4,400.   This workshop will be free for families, however a small cost will be charged to therapists & teachers to cover the cost of flights & accommodation for the presenters.

We are looking forward to receiving a firm commitment on dates for the workshop to happen in October/November 2014.

From our families, again, Thank you to the Mackay Foundation.