All Abilities Mackay

ESA INTERNATIONAL - Alpha Rho's Donation - May 2014

12-May-2014 There is a very special bunch of ladies (14 to be exact) in Mackay, who dedicate their spare time and/or weekends to fundraising for our Community.  It is a local service organisation fostering personal achievement through education, service to the Community and association.... and on average they distribute to around 20 Charities in their "change over dinner" in April/May each year.

All Abilities Mackay Inc were very lucky to receive a $1,000 donation to our Charity to assist with our start-up costs.  We have spent the money on 20 lockable perspex donation boxes, which are located around Mackay businesses, and currently generate fundraising money for Jayden Burston.  We put the balance of the money towards a pop-up all weather marquee for our events.

The ladies of ESA International have been extremely supportive of our endeavours, and aside from making a donation to our Down syndrome Support Group for the previous 2 years, also on occasion volunteer at our events... either in the kitchen or running raffles for us.

We are extremely proud to be affiliated with the ladies of ESA International and look forward to their continued support.