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COWBOYS COMMUNITY FUND - Supporting our kids - April 2014


The Cowboys Community Fund have played a very important role in assisting some of our kids who have very specific needs.  There is funding available to help families obtain therapy aids and equipment, it's limited in criteria, and it's limited by amount.  For those who do not fit the criteria, or have reached their limits on MASS or CAEATI funding, there is limited assistance they can receive. 

For many families, The Cowboys Community Foundation has been a refreshingly easy application process that has enabled an enhanced quality of life.... including:

Miss Emily - 13 - Received a special wheelchair bike.  Half wheelchair, half bike - she can now go on bike rides WITH her family for the very first time. The bike can easily be converted from a wheelchair/bike to just a wheelchair, which means after a ride, they can take her into cafe's or shopping and attach the back wheel to a bike rack. 

Miss Karlia - 5 - Was successful for MASS funding for a special sleeping system that enables her to be put into safe sleeping positions, it's like an inflatable mattress, but it is/can be moulded to support her little body.  The Cowboys funded the $599 gap to purchase this very special mattress.

Mr Nick - 13 - Received a height adjustable table and Neater Eater which will allow Nick, who has tremors and experiences extreme diffiulties in feeding himself, to eat independently.  The adjustable table will allow his wheelchair to fit under it.



We currently have a little fella waiting to hear how his application for a Neater Eater feeding system is going.  He has multiple disabilities which makes feeding himself difficult.  Being able to fed himself unassisted will give him greater independence.


Thankyou Cowboys, and thanks to the Mackay locals who have held fundraisers in aid of The Cowboys Community Fund which enables them to continue their great work.