All Abilities Mackay

ANNOUNCING OUR AMBASSADOR - Miss Georgia Knoll - March 2014

12-May-2014 Georgia is an extremely valued member of All Abilities Mackay, but the story behind her achievements began in 2011 after she joined our Down syndrome Support Group, which was at the time auspiced by the Mackay PCYC.

After having quite a difficult time finding paid employment, Georgia approached Mackay PCYC to volunteer. She excelled with all tasks asked of her and was nominated and won the 2013 PCYC Regional Volunteer’s Award. She then went on to win the State Volunteer Award late last year.

Georgia has recently been offered a paid position within Mackay PCYC, and she is learning many new skills. This in itself is a wonderful achievement, as Georgia has Down syndrome.

She grabs every opportunity offered to her with both hands, and brings with every new experience a "can-do" attitude and a broad smile that would melt any heart.

It was important to us that our Members had a voice in not only creating activities, and being involved in programs, but that they had a role in seeking support, thanking people who host Charity Events in our favour and in general tell people what All Abilities Mackay does, and how it helps the people of Mackay in a meaningful way.

When we were putting our Ambassador Program together, Georgia was our first choice, and has accepted the role with vigor, as she does every opportunity she comes across. She attends public events and social gatherings, discussing what our Charity does. She assists us in securing support which in turn helps develop programs and opportunities for others. Georgia recently spoke at a handover event for a fundraiser, and captivated the audience with an acceptance speech that moved many to tears.

Georgia is a walking lesson in humility, determination and kindness.  Her involvement with the Mackay PCYC, Aspi-Downs Basketball, Special Olympics, Crossroads Arts and All Abilities Mackay is an example to the youth of Mackay what can be achieved with effort and dedication.  Georgia is a role model to many, and we are pleased to have her on our team.