All Abilities Mackay



To be able to express one's thoughts and is a very important part of communicating and interacting, but to those whom experience intellectual disabilities, Art can be an extremely therapeutic way of expressing those emotions.

We were looking for meaningful activities that might not only enable some of our members to participate in a new experience, but also to try several different art mediums.  We approached Paxton's Warehouse to see if there was any way we were able to create an activity, and with Barb's assistance we were able to put a program together.  This program enables participants to try their hands at Painting, Jewellery making, Screen printing, Mono-printing, Fabric Painting and Sculpturing.

Margaret and her team worked with 20 participants with varying ability levels, and will assist them to access mainstream art classes in their chosen art medium.  

The activity culminated in an exhibition for all locals to attend, and remains available to view/purchase at Paxton's Warehouse until the end of June.   We are currently working out how we can create another 8 week art program for those who missed out, and those who wish to continue.  We look forward to receiving assistance to assist this process.

Should our participants enjoy creating the artwork, and want to pursue selling their goods as an income stream, we can assist them in establishing contacts at the Paxton's Creative Space Gallery/shop on a more permanent basis.  There is already some beautiful artwork available to purchase currently.

** This initiative was enabled by RADF Arts Grant funding made available through the Mackay Regional Council.